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John Adams -
The Public Crusader

Across the board, Australia is no longer the country that it used to be. 


Australia has many problems and they are getting worse whether they be:


  • incompetent and corrupt leadership;

  • loss of personal freedom;

  • the economy and out of control debt;

  • declining education attainment; 

  • worsening physical and mental health; 

  • record narcotics use, arrests and seizures; or

  • breakdown of cultural institutions.


Many Australians have lost hope and are despondent and angry with the state of their country. 


However, there is one person who hasn’t given up fighting for the Australian people and the public interest. 


John Adams is a public crusader who has spent years dedicated to pursuing the public interest in Australia and driving real change. 


For true patriots to be silent, is dangerous

- John Adams

    John Adams has a large following on multiple social media platforms which continues to grow.  To follow John Adams, you can follow on one of the various platforms: 

    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
    • TikTok
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    As a professional economist, public policy practitioner and a former political advisor, John has spent decades building up his knowledge and expertise in economic and public policy analysis as well as learning how the machinery of Parliament and government works.


    Starting in 2016, John took his deep concerns with the direction of Australia and started to voice them through mainstream media newspaper and online articles and then become a YouTube public broadcaster in 2018. 


    Working with freedom and justice loving people across Australia and internationally, John soon realised that through the power of social media and grass roots people power, he could move beyond being a public commentator to become a change agent through well targeted public initiatives. 


    Over the past 4.5 years, especially through his YouTube collaboration with Martin North via the “In the Interests of the People”, John pursued numerous public policy initiatives with tremendous results.


    To date, John’s major achievement has been to lead a national grassroots coalition that stopped the criminalisation of using physical cash through the proposed national $AUD 10,000 cash transaction ban.

    Currently, John is pursing a number of major initiatives related to financial crime and federal law enforcement. Through writing and publishing two public independent reports in October 2022, Adams was able to single handily instigate two Federal Parliament inquiries into the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. In the coming years, Adams will not only continue his current set of public initiatives, but will also pursue new initiatives.



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