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Australian economy: Peter Switzer, Chris Joye versus John Adams | — Australia’s leading

It’s being billed as the “property punch-up of the century”.

After weeks of Twitter sledging, financial commentator Peter Switzer will take on “doomsday merchant” John Adams in a live half-hour TV debate tonight — sort of.

In Switzer’s place will be Christopher Joye, contributing editor with the Australian Financial Review and fund manager with Coolabah Capital Investments, while Switzer will moderate the discussion.

Switzer, who hosts Money Talks on the Sky News Your Money channel, has been engaged in an online war of words with the former Coalition adviser over his dire “economic Armageddon” predictions.

“John wanted to take me on, promising to ‘wipe the floor with me’,” Switzer, who has referred to Adams as a “bush economist”, wrote on Monday.

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