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Turnbull approaches his political death

The political end is nearing for our Prime Minister.

After 22 Newspolls, an eight per cent two-party-preferred deficit, a sustained and disastrous primary vote and a collapsed net satisfaction rating, belief in Malcolm Turnbull’s ability to bring good government to our shores has evaporated within the confines of the Liberal Party parliamentary party room.

A consensus has emerged from not only among Liberal Party conservatives but also among Turnbull’s innermost circle of loyalists that nothing but absolute destruction will fall upon their house if the current course of directionless leadership and vacuous policy continues.

Cabinet Ministers are now internally conceding that Turnbull’s leadership is terminal and that he will be dispatched after they ‘work a few things out”.

Ambitious rivals are now jockeying to become leader and deputy leader. Speculation is swirling that Abbott, Bishop and Dutton are the lead candidates, with Greg Hunt now jockeying for the role of deputy.

The timing and manner of Turnbull’s political execution are yet to be resolved, but the swiftness of the guillotine’s blade is on course to strike.

The calamity which is to befall our parliament and the office of the Prime Minister for the fourth occasion in 10 years was completely avoidable.

A government consisting of honest and honourable men and women, acting as patriotic servants of the people, knowledgeable in the ways of public policy, strong in their convictions and an agenda for government that aligns with the people’s business and their innermost desires is a formula which can bring nothing but happiness, joy and success to those who seek to lead our glorious nation.

Humbled with the gift of political foresight, it brings me no pleasure to highlight that I was one who foresaw the horror now plaguing the Coalition.

Appearing on The Drum on June 10, 3 weeks before the 2016 federal election, I was the first public commentator in the Australian media to predict the demise of the Prime Minister’s leadership if the Coalition won re-election.

In a corresponding article in the Daily Telegraph published on the same day, I predicted that the Prime Minister would be dispatched by late 2017 or the first half of 2018.

If fate would have it, the political angels of death are now circling and are intent to assign Australia’s 29th Prime Minister to the ash heap of history in the coming months.

John Adams is a former Coalition staffer.

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